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Axial Racing R/C vehicles offer realistic scale looks, fun adventure, and a fantastic platform for customizing, tweaking and personalization. When it comes to the R/C crawler market, the Axial line-up of vehicles is a top choice.

JackWagon R/C offers Axial R/C trucks in stock. You can see the vehicles and ask us your questions. We are glad to help you.

You can go to the Axial Racing website to see all the latest products and options.

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The Axial SCX10ii Chevy Blazer AX90058

The Axial SCX10ii Chevy Blazer AX90058 gives you modern updated crawler performance with the timeless classic look of a topless Chevy Blazer. Why settle for a generic body crawler? Don’t!… You can have the iconic Chevy Blazer!

Axial SCX10ii Deadbolt RTR

New and onsite at JackWagon RC now, The Axial SCX10ii Deadbolt RTR AX90066
The attitude and unique look of the deadbolt gets the version ii updates, including the AR44 axle, deeper final drive ration of 42.00


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