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Mission Models Premium Hobby Paints are one the finest acrylic model paints available.  It’s water-based and odorless, using premium pigments which are ground extra fine for ultra smooth and easy application.  It’s airbrush ready right from the bottle without clogging.

Mission Models

Mission Models Premium Paint

What is Premium?

Mission Models Premium Paint is an acrylic water-based (not solvent based) paint engineered to artist grade quality standards.  For example, many hobby paints are more similar to bulk made, general use “craft” paints which include additional fillers and additives rather than pigments to make them more cheaply. 

Furthermore, many hobby paints use coarsely cut, low quality pigment materials. In contrast, Mission Models Premium Paint is extra finely ground which packs more pigment closer together, providing excellent coverage and vibrant, distinct colors.

Visit the Mission Models website to learn more information about the company, and view painting tips and usages.

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Mission Model Paint:
-Made in the USA
-Water Based
-Easy Clean Up, No Chemical Odors
-Huge Selection of Colors
-Airbrush ready, can also hand brush paint
-In stock, and ready today

The Mission Models Premium Paint line is continuously growing, come visit the store to see all the colors!

Mission Model Paint Color Chart October 2018


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