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Christmas in August?

Product Availability 2021

We want you to know that this year’s 2021 holiday season will be different than almost any other, including last year’s.

The ongoing production backlogs and shipping issues are affecting many industries. New car dealership lots remain nearly empty, as just one example.

The ongoing issues are also greatly affecting the hobby industry and all of our suppliers. All of our vendors and suppliers are already warning us right now (in mid summer) about product availability issues for the rest of the year (including the upcoming Holiday season and Christmas.)

The ports are backed up, the shipping lanes are backed up, the ground transportation is backed up…
It’s like a bad traffic jam on the interstate, bottle-necked to one slow lane that just isn’t clearing up any time soon.

We would love to have the products ready and available that you and your family deserve. To help achieve this, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you consider holiday shopping now, in August or as soon as possible.

We are proactively working on our end to do what we can. Unfortunately, we are uncertain of the exact product mix we will recieve and when we will recieve it. Please help us to help you get the exact items you are looking forward to by purchasing or pre-ordering as soon as possible.

If we don’t have it onsite right now, we can still order some items with a good chance of getting them by November. However, our vendors’ are saying that waiting until October to order anything means they will be February or later deliveries… clearly missing the holidays.

We love helping and serving our customers. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

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