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Duratrax offers a wide range of products for the R/C enthusiast. Nickel chemistry batteries, LiPo batteries, connection adapters, glow plugs, battery chargers, paint, tools and more are in stock.

The most popular plug styles are available in a variety of battery styles to meet your needs at affordable prices.

Duratrax battery chargers offer convenience, and power, at affordable prices. We regularly use the Duratrax DTXP4245 chargers in our store to charge two different batteries at the same time.

Personalize and customize your vehicle with Duratrax paint. Show your team colors, or your favorite colors and lead with style.

Duratrax tools help you repair and maintain your vehicle with ease. The Duratrax dtxr0410 tool set is one of our most popular sellers.

JackWagon R/C & Hobbies offers R/C cars, trucks, and parts in stock. We are a full line R/C store for surface vehicles, with the premium quality brands you are looking for.

Visit the Duratrax website to view the extensive product line up in detail.