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Traxxas Bigfoot

Traxxas Bigfoot

Get a Licensed BIGFOOT in Greeley, CO

The Traxxas BIGFOOT will be the jewel of your collection

No R/C monster truck collection is complete without the Traxxas BIGFOOT. This is a faithful scale replica of the very first monster truck. Like it’s full-size predecessor, the Traxxas BIGFOOT features chrome bumpers and metallic paint, plus dozens of other authentic details.

The Traxxas BIGFOOT isn’t just for looks, though. This waterproof R/C truck can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour while it jumps or crushes everything in its path. Come to JackWagon R/C in Greeley, CO to get your Traxxas BIGFOOT fully assembled and ready to run.


The monster’s in the details

You’ve got to see this monster truck to believe it. You’ll be amazed by this car’s…

  • Licensed BIGFOOT No. 1 truck body
  • Remarkable details, like KC fog light stickers
  • Massive monster truck tires

Add the original BIGFOOT monster truck to your R/C car collection. Pick up your Traxxas BIGFOOT when you visit our Greeley, CO showroom today.

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