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JackWagon R/C Warranty and Return Policy

All Sales are Final.

If Authorized, Refunds are only given within 30 days of purchase with receipt for new, unopened, and unused items.

Returns are only for items originally purchased from JackWagon R/C.

All Returns are subject to re-packaging, labor or condition fees and are subject to approval by the store.

Store credit is preferred method of compensation upon authorized return.

Credit Card/ Debit Card refund to original purchaser’s the original payment card only.

Merchandise paid for with a credit card will receive credit card refund, not cash.

Only documented cash payments may receive cash refunds.

No checks or money orders accepted.

Special Orders, electronic components, magazines, consumables such as assembly-required items, connectors, solder, tape, paint, glue, oils, lubricants, and fuel are not returnable. All kits, used items, vintage and closeout sale items are not returnable.

Manufacturer defects are handled directly with the Manufacturer per the Manufacturer Warranty guidelines and instructions. Defective returns are defined as product that is defective in materials and/or workmanship and may require manufacturer approval before any credit invoice is issued. Defective returns will also require a reasonably detailed description of defect. If a detailed description is not provided, it may result in the manufacturer denying credit. Certain manufacturers require the end customer to interact directly with the manufacturer only.

General discussion and explanations:

HOBBY Definition:

hob·by /ˈhäbē/

  • an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.
    EX. “her hobbies are reading and gardening”

Hobby products are complex and sophisticated, with a different purpose and used differently then other general consumer goods. It is a hobby item because the user does it for fun, and entertainment. There is no guaranty or implied level of service or satisfaction with hobby products. (You may or may not have fun. That’s up to you!)

It is important to realize hobby R/C products are complex, high performance devices which require a high degree of user responsibility, direct user interaction, and user maintenance, and must be operated according to manufacturer’s instructions. These are very unlike ‘toys’ which are a different type of producte, and a simpler and ‘safer’ consumer product.

Please be aware, every manufacturer will generally repair merchandise warrantable items, at the manufacturer’s discretion. There is no replacement or exchange, except at manufacturer’s sole, explicit discretion.

An Example: a defective R/C vehicle may be repaired to manufacturer’s guidelines, at the manufacturer’s discretion, according to the manufacturer’s terms and will NOT be replaced unless specifically authorized by the manufacturer. (Which never happens.)

Let us define and discuss a few things to be specific:

If it is ‘broken‘ that means the user opened the box and used the new product and operated it and those actions resulted in damage.

There is no warranty coverage for a user damaging an item.

There are no new items which are sold as new but are also ‘broken.’
There are rare exceptions where new unsold items have shipping-damage. These products arrive to the store damaged from the manufacturer with torn boxes and visible rough handling when they arrive from the manufacturer due to transportation issues. Those items are refused at our door, or either sent back to be repaired to ‘new’ condition by the manufacturer or repaired onsite according to manufacturer guidelines before being presented and sold to a customer.

If we shipped an item to you, and it is damaged, it is the shipper’s responsibility to make amends according to the terms of the shipping method approved by the purchaser, following the terms and guidelines of that individual shipping carrier. We only ship new, undamaged products, unless specifically sold as ‘used’ or ‘scratch and dent’ etc., which is clearly communicated before purchase. If it arrives damaged to you the customer, the shipping carrier did it. The carrier is liable.

A comparison: A customer buys a brand-new automobile at the automotive dealership, and then immediately has an accident, aka ‘fender bender’ while driving away from the dealership lot. Only the user/owner is responsible for the car accident and the repairs. Certainly, the dealership is not.

A different consideration: If a product has no visible damage when purchased, but does not work correctly, new right out of the box it is ‘defective’; which is quite different than ‘broken.’

If an item is defective, it is specifically the Manufacturer’s responsibility to make the product right for the end customer. The product was purchased and shipped to the store for resale as new, working, quality merchandise. It is up to the manufacturer to meet that obligation. We as a store do everything possible to help assist in the process of making things right, including simple repairs when possible and feasible, in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

However, please notice it is the Manufacturer’s responsibility, not the Store’s responsibility to make amends for defective merchandise. In the hobby industry (which is quite different from ‘toys’ and other consumer goods) there is virtually no exchanging for a new replacement product. The manufacturer’s simply do not give us (the store) another one as replacement, ever.

There are many restrictions and unique varying policies from each manufacturer on each product as to how such a situation is handled. Also, please be aware there are some manufacturers who only allow defective/ warranty procedures to be handled by themselves directly with the customer directly; the store has no liability or interaction in the process.

Back to the new car example: Let us say your newly purchased automobile has weird transmission problems. The new transmission, in the new vehicle just does not shift right and doesn’t operate as it should. The transmission is ‘defective’; not ‘broken.’ It never worked correctly with no fault of the dealership (store) or the new owner.

The dealership (nor any other manufacturer) will NOT just give out a whole new car as replacement.

There is a warranty process, wherein the transmission or other problems is first diagnosed. The problem is then assessed, identified, and corrected by either repairing, or replacing the transmission or its components. It may take several attempts. It is frustrating and time consuming, for the customer, the dealership (store) and the manufacturer; but eventually it is resolved at the manufacturer’s discretion and guidance. However, you do not get a new automobile in exchange.

The R/C and Hobby industry works the same way. The Warranty Process is repair based, not an exchange process.

Thank you for your interest!

If you have any other specific questions, please let us know, or contact the relevant Manufacturer directly.


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